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R. W. Emerson once said:

“I desire not to disgrace the soul.
The fact that I am here certainly shows me
that the soul had need of an organ here.

Shall I not assume the post?
Shall I skulk and dodge and duck
with my unseasonable apologies
and vain modesty?”

I’v traveled the world... And I’v come to know
a number of places and cultures intimately...

“I paint what I feel about what I see..
Not what I see.
I am interested in the potential of form...
As well As the form itself.”

I love food, architecture
and magnificent trees...
My favorite artists
were born between 1870 and 1930
and they include my father
who was an amazing surrealist
and my mother who is a writer.

I collect:

Ancient beads and silver…
Ragistani puppets… Guatemalan huipils…
Masks from Latin America and Africa…
Antique Chinese embroideries…

I live with my wife on a remote ranch
in the wine country of Sonoma County California,
just 100 miles north of my childhood home.

I also spend a great deal of time traveling overland to,
and residing in, our historic home in Santa Fe, New Mexico
B  I  O
Born   New York, N.Y. 1950

Education: California College of Arts And Crafts B.
F.A., 1972
Certifications: AAAA Advertising San Francisco,
Proyecto Linguistico School of Mayan
Languages and Spanish,
Antigua, Guatemala 1975


Joint Show of etchings by M.C. Harris and
lithographs of   M.C. Escher,  
San Francisco Civic Center 1972

Book and periodical illustrator, 1972-1974
Founded Marco Polo Fashion Group, 1975.
Oversaw  team of international designers
producing women’s fashion for the
United States market.

Lived and worked in Latin America.

Active in projects to restore commerce to victims
of the devastating Guatemalan earthquake in

Engaged in Thai development project to create
marketable products for the Hill Tribes in 1977.

Worked in India and Indonesia, 1978-84

Traveled extensively in Asia and Europe
throughout the 1980’s while producing a body
of drawings and watercolor work.

Moved to Sonoma County Wine Country
with family, 1989. Designed and built home and
studio 1990 to 1994.

Co-founded the Olive Ridge Textile Collection
with wife in 1995.  Designed and produced
hand loomed textiles from India, Thailand, and
Bangladesh for the Home Furnishings Market.

Celebrated 50th birthday in 2000 by devoting
full time and energy to oil painting. Opened The
Harris Gallery in 2003. Joined by Oldest son
Alexander who is a fine artist, in the Gallery, in

Son Cabell is a musician.

Son Elliott is a film maker.

Wife Peggy is an accomplished cook and
Santa Fe
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